Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wrap It Up

For Fall/ Winter 2011, wraps are key for flaunting your style. Especially in the mild climates of Southern California, these easy layering pieces keep you warm while walking outside, dining on an outdoor patio, or strolling along the coast.

Of course, for those of our friends on the cooler coast, and everywhere in between, wraps are also great for dinner parties, holiday get-togethers, and other indoor activities where a bulky sweater would leave you just that—sweating. Wraps are a truly versatile fashion item that can be paired with tanks and tees or layered under your favorite outerwear. 

The Bella Luxx Dolman Cardigan may look chic and stylish, but the silky soft modal fabric blend will leave you just as comfortable as if you were wearing your pajamas--only you'll look much, much better.

The Avani Devotion Hoodie is perfect for the active woman on the go, because it looks great with jeans or throwing on after a workout. 

If you need to add some color to your ensemble of a white tee and jeans, why not inject an autumnal shade of green? We suggest the Green Dragon Draped Wrap. With its elegant draping and flattering length, it's a wardrobe essential.

This Fall, we have so many wraps to choose from, there is something for everyone from lovers of tie dye to urban socialites, you can browse them all here.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Fashion Finds

The leaves will be changing soon, pumpkins will be on our porches, and the air will be cooler. Fall is here, and that means updating your wardrobe. You can extend the life of your favorite tees, tanks, and dresses from spring and summer by pairing them with new pieces, like cardigans, hoodies, and leggings for fall.
After seeing so many pairs of basic leggings over the years, the buyers at Bodywear Boutique decided it was time to make things interesting. This season, we have leggings with all sorts of details from zippers to ruching to keep you in style. The Divine Wear Leggings picture below are ruched and work well with boots and tees. As a bonus, they're also great for yoga.

One of our all-time best selling items is the Pink Lotus Pleated Hoodie. We now have it available in both blue and grey, with matching leggings available for the blue version. This jacket is fabulous due to its versatility, with its pleats and princess seaming it can be dressed up or down. The modal and cotton fabric is a moderate weight, so it’s perfect for cooler temperatures.

You may also want to treat yourself to a glamorous, unexpected look for day or evening by wearing the Green Dragon PalazzoPants. Pair them with a fitted top, like the Green Dragon Baseball Tee (shown below) for a chic downtown style, or pair them with a loose fit blouse-y top for a bohemian look.

We love the Crown Jewel Thermal Jacket in Burgundy. Shades of Bordeaux, red, and crimson are a must for updating your wardrobe this fall. This soft, cozy jacket is flattering, fitted, and trendy. It doesn’t hurt that the lightweight hoodie will also keep your comfortable.

 What's your favorite thing about dressing for cooler temperatures?

Monday, September 12, 2011

From the Runway to Real Life: How to Wear Palazzo Pants

After the best part of the last five years being dominated by the skinny jean, we’re waving goodbye to the skin tight and rushing in a relaxed, cool sillhouette. It’s now most certainly a case of the wider, the better. From patterns at Vivienne Tam to the reworking of the pleated palazzo; the era of the trouser is definitely upon us. Surprisingly, this new wide-leg trouser suits everyone and anyone.


The question on everybody’s lips is, "How do I wear the palazzo pants?" There are a variety of options.You can play up your sophisticated and elegant side by pairing them with a ladylike blouse and a narrow waist belt. Of course, you can also pay homage to 70s era cool with a loose tee, wide-brimmed floppy hat and sky-high wedges. Alternatively, you may want to increase the palazzo’s laid back ease and wear them with your favorite tee and most comfortable pair of flats . 

Palazzo pants have been making the rounds on the runways. While not all of us can get our hands on a coveted pair of Chloe trousers, there are many other more affordable, equally stylish options. 

For lounge and sophisticated evenings on the town, we suggest the stylish yet comfortable, Green Dragon Palazzo Pants

For work and weekend, the Pink Lotus Twill Drawstring Palazzos  work nicely with flats and heels. 

Happy Styling!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Not You Jeans, It's Me

My denim jeans called to tell me they miss me. It is a love affair that started over 40 years ago when pretty much the only brand available was Levis. I’m sure this is inconceivable to our younger readers. They grew up with so many choices in denim one got to actually find a pair that fit your body type while simultaneously telling the world the financial status of your parents.

My generation was forced to purchase solely on waist measurement. If I was lucky the cowboy store where we would go to shop also had a choice in length. Since I was a tall kid and my measurement was not always available, my mom would trim them out with some fabulous hippie trim from her sewing box. When the knees wore out, a funky flower patch covered the gap. Eventually, the multi colored ‘Dittos’ jeans hit the fashion scene. We were so overwhelmed by something new that teen angst and clinical depression set in if our parents restricted the number of pairs we could own. But enough about why I should have seen a therapist in the 7th grade.

There is a reason I’ve abandoned my jeans, and it isn’t because of junior high related clothing trauma; I’ve met someone new. Words to describe my new love? Tall, dark, handsome and available to everyone at After decades of struggling to find full length covering for my freakishly long legs, I’m completely addicted to yoga pants. Dress them up, dress them down, and yes, even workout in them, yoga pants have forced my denims to the bottom of the dresser drawer. Comfortable, stylish, durable and the inherent ability to give the wearer a hot booty have left me having to break it to my blue jeans gently. While jeans will always have a special place in my heart, and I hope we’ll remain friends, I have a new dance partner and we’re in love!

Check out some of our hot looks that will leave you wanting to dump your denims!

Balance Lotus Workout Pant in Black and Royal Blue

You don't have to be a child of the 70's to fall for the Margarita "Batik" Pant in Raspberry.

Want something that you can wear to your kid's school, out to lunch and the gym all on the same day? The I Am Beyond/Beyond Yoga Low Rise Supplex Pant is a must have.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fashionable, Comfortable and Good for the Earth

We see the term ‘eco-friendly’ these days on everything from cosmetics to water bottles. It was only a matter of time before the concept became common place in our clothing. Here at we have a large variety of products for the ecologically sensitive fashionista.

There are many reasons why a person might gravitate toward eco-friendly active wear. Having the back story on why a piece fits that description will give you the tools to make an informed decision when purchasing. Some of our suppliers, like ALO Clothing, believe in using eco-friendly business practices. Another way to determine the carbon footprint of your yoga pants or workout wear is to check out the fabric content.

Anyone that ever planted bamboo on their private property likely has a clue why it would be a great resource to use in clothing. It grows very quickly and does not require the amount of maintenance necessary in many other natural fibers. On top of that, the fabric is very soft, highly absorbent and has anti-microbial properties. Check out our Avani “Dreamy” Dolman Bamboo Tee, it is 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex and comfy as can be.

Another fabric to look for when checking your labels would be Modal. If you’re not familiar with this one, you might be surprised to know it comes from Beech Trees. It is so very soft and unlikely to shrink or fade. You’ll look cool and earth friendly in our Emma and Emilie “Ava” Racerback Tank made from 70% Modal and 30% Acrylic.

I don’t need to elaborate too fully on the joys of cotton, most of us are well aware of the comfort we feel when we wrap ourselves in it. Cotton, unlike bamboo, can be a far more challenging crop to raise. It is highly susceptible to a number of pesky predators from the insect world. Farmers and processors specializing in organic cotton should certainly be applauded for providing us with a fiber that is pesticide free, does not come from genetically modified plants, has no chemicals used in processing and utilizes eco-friendly dyes and finishes. If you have a preference for organic cotton, check out our fun Pink Lotus Organic Floral Printed Pant made from organic cotton. You’ll look good, feel good and know you’ve done just a little more to help our planet.