Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Not You Jeans, It's Me

My denim jeans called to tell me they miss me. It is a love affair that started over 40 years ago when pretty much the only brand available was Levis. I’m sure this is inconceivable to our younger readers. They grew up with so many choices in denim one got to actually find a pair that fit your body type while simultaneously telling the world the financial status of your parents.

My generation was forced to purchase solely on waist measurement. If I was lucky the cowboy store where we would go to shop also had a choice in length. Since I was a tall kid and my measurement was not always available, my mom would trim them out with some fabulous hippie trim from her sewing box. When the knees wore out, a funky flower patch covered the gap. Eventually, the multi colored ‘Dittos’ jeans hit the fashion scene. We were so overwhelmed by something new that teen angst and clinical depression set in if our parents restricted the number of pairs we could own. But enough about why I should have seen a therapist in the 7th grade.

There is a reason I’ve abandoned my jeans, and it isn’t because of junior high related clothing trauma; I’ve met someone new. Words to describe my new love? Tall, dark, handsome and available to everyone at BodywearBoutique.com. After decades of struggling to find full length covering for my freakishly long legs, I’m completely addicted to yoga pants. Dress them up, dress them down, and yes, even workout in them, yoga pants have forced my denims to the bottom of the dresser drawer. Comfortable, stylish, durable and the inherent ability to give the wearer a hot booty have left me having to break it to my blue jeans gently. While jeans will always have a special place in my heart, and I hope we’ll remain friends, I have a new dance partner and we’re in love!

Check out some of our hot looks that will leave you wanting to dump your denims!

Balance Lotus Workout Pant in Black and Royal Blue

You don't have to be a child of the 70's to fall for the Margarita "Batik" Pant in Raspberry.

Want something that you can wear to your kid's school, out to lunch and the gym all on the same day? The I Am Beyond/Beyond Yoga Low Rise Supplex Pant is a must have.

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