Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wrap It Up

For Fall/ Winter 2011, wraps are key for flaunting your style. Especially in the mild climates of Southern California, these easy layering pieces keep you warm while walking outside, dining on an outdoor patio, or strolling along the coast.

Of course, for those of our friends on the cooler coast, and everywhere in between, wraps are also great for dinner parties, holiday get-togethers, and other indoor activities where a bulky sweater would leave you just that—sweating. Wraps are a truly versatile fashion item that can be paired with tanks and tees or layered under your favorite outerwear. 

The Bella Luxx Dolman Cardigan may look chic and stylish, but the silky soft modal fabric blend will leave you just as comfortable as if you were wearing your pajamas--only you'll look much, much better.

The Avani Devotion Hoodie is perfect for the active woman on the go, because it looks great with jeans or throwing on after a workout. 

If you need to add some color to your ensemble of a white tee and jeans, why not inject an autumnal shade of green? We suggest the Green Dragon Draped Wrap. With its elegant draping and flattering length, it's a wardrobe essential.

This Fall, we have so many wraps to choose from, there is something for everyone from lovers of tie dye to urban socialites, you can browse them all here.

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