Friday, August 19, 2011


I am old enough to remember hearing women complain about how uncomfortable girdles used to be.  I am young enough to have tried the modern day slimming undergarments that may not qualify as a torture device, but certainly can be lacking on the comfort and functionality scale.  Leave it to the great minds of our era to have come up with a compromising solution for those of us that want to get a sleeker shape without giving up on the ability to go about our business. 

If you are the type that likes to check out the fabric content label in your clothing, you may have seen a product called Supplex®.  Every now and then something new in textiles pops up on a label that gets us running to our Droid for an explanation as to what it might be.  I’m going to save you the online search by giving you the lowdown.  In actuality, Supplex® is a form of nylon made by Dupont that is considered to have a far softer hand than standard nylon. 

People love the feel of cotton, but unfortunately keeping its color and shape are not two of its most redeeming qualities.  Scientists developed Supplex® with the goal of giving people the comfort of cotton without the drawbacks.  What they have achieved with this development is a sturdy fabric that will hold its shape and color, is great with moisture and breathes well when you’re working out.  Each time you put it on, it will keep that slimming quality as it maintains a great fit.  An added bonus is that it won’t give you that shiny appearance when stretched - that look always brings to mind the time I saw Nick Gilder sing ‘Hot Child in the City’ wearing red Spandex pants.

Just because a label has Supplex® doesn’t mean you’re good to go.  Make sure you’re buying a well made product.  There can be differences in content percentages and how a product is woven can have an impact on quality.  A well made capri or yoga pant made from Supplex® can stand up to whatever you might throw at it and still look great the next time you put it on.

Check out a few of our favorites (pictured below) like the Bia Brazil Faux Pocket Capri, Prana Lolita Supplex Pants and Balance BellaBootleg Pants – we love them!  No go out there and ask your friends if they know about Supplex®, if they don’t you’re fully prepared to dazzle them with your brilliance.

 Bia Brazil Faux Pocket Capris

Prana Lolita Supplex Pants

 Balance Fitwear Bella Pants

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