Monday, November 22, 2010

Fila Body Toning Pants

 You can now dress yourself head to toe in toning gear! Fila just introduced a new line of toning clothes. According to Fila its Body Toning System works three ways.

1.) The layering of fabric in the construction of the clothes makes you work harder, wearing the pants or capris is said to increase "muscle effort by 50 percent."

2.) Fila states that the compression fabric provides 41 percent more support for your muscles, which helps increase "blood flow and oxygenation," which in turns helps your muscles to do their thing more efficiently.

3.) The pants, due to their reinforced structure, are supposed to suppress the jiggling of your wobbly bits and smooth out the appearance of cellulite. In essence, the Body Toning gear makes you work harder while helping you feel better about the appearance of your backside.

 We tested both the Fila Pant and the Tank and feel that both feel supportive, primarily because of the compression material. After a kickboxing class, we could definitely tell the pants added some resistance to the workout.

Have you tried any of Fila's Body Toning gear? What did you think?

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